Developer highlights for Roku OS

Developer highlights for Roku OS 9.2

Roku OS 9.2, which begins rolling to select Roku streaming players today, includes a variety of media updates that allow developers to optimize playback and further secure their protected content. This firmware update also introduces APIs that enable developers to further customize channel UIs.
This firmware update will be available on select Roku streaming players starting today and is expected to roll out to all supported streaming players in the coming weeks. Roku TV™ models are expected to receive the update in phases over the coming months.
A list of key developer-facing Roku OS 9.2 updates is included below.


  1. ZoomRowList enhancement: Developers can draw a custom row decoration under the items in a ZoomRowList.
  2. File System last mounted times: Developers can get the time when a USB drive was last mounted on a Roku device.
  3. New API for getting Roku OS Version: Developers can call the roAppInfo.GetOSVersion() method to get the Roku OS running on a device.

Media playback

CDN switching: Developers can switch Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) during playback to load balance traffic and failover to different servers in order to help optimize performance. Forced narrative subtitles: The Roku OS now supports the display of forced narrative subtitles on the video player. This enables a dialog or on-screen text (for example, newspaper headlines, street signs, and so on) to be translated into alternate languages to help viewers understand the words being spoken or displayed. Support for templated DASH streams that have Widevine: The Roku media player now supports playback of DASH streams that have both templated representation and Widevines licenses. DASH/HLS multi-license support: Developers can protect content with resolution-specific licenses. This means developers can, for example, secure the 4K version of content with a Widevine level 1 license, and the FHD and lower versions with a Widevine level 2 license.

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